Eating returns to normal

Finally!  Somehow, being so full messes with my hunger signals.  I tried to walk off the fullness Thursday night, went with Miss Doggbutt to the park to watch dodgeball.  Three miles round trip, still stuffed.  Friday morning, I still wasn’t hungry, but I ate a bagel because I was going for a huge hike, didn’t want to pack lunch.  Nothing like a long slow hike to clear the digestive system, usually, but not this time.  I go about 7 miles, slow uphill, disturbingly steep downhill, took me almost 4 hours.  I stopped and took some pictures of the fog rolling in, loitered, relaxed.  I had fruit and pistachios for snacks, still didn’t get really hungry.  Sometimes I actually felt hunger pangs, but still felt as if my stomach was full.  I did have a bowl of pasta, and later salad and popcorn and watermelon and a grapefruit.  Sometimes I just feel like eating.

This morning, I’m hungry.  I ate a small breakfast, will have a bigger lunch (burrito, yum).  That way I’ll make it 7 hours until my landlord’s barbecue, which I haven’t decided whether I’m participating or not.  Might as well, he’ll have the grill going.  I am skipping the gym today, rare for a Saturday morning, and biking across town to go for a few hour hike in the big park across town.  Unlike yesterday, it won’t be on the steep side of a mountain, just low rolling hills.  A nice break for me, to congratulate me on 20 pounds lost.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend


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