White knuckling it!

Not really New Years Resolution, but I’ve been having problems with cigarettes, and promised myself I would quit before my new job starts, tomorrow.   I waited this long because I didn’t want to try to  quit while I’m at parties drinking and smoking, and now the parties are over.  So I am an uncomfortable Day 3 off ciggies, also coffee.  That was just an impulse, but I kinda like it.  I have such unstable energy all day, wide awake in the morning, sleepy in the late afternoon, sluggish at night.   Hard to tell, as the frazzled nerves of a newly nicotine free existence make baseline fuzzy, but I feel alert and awake.    I need to quit drinking for a month or so, also.  I don’t have a drinking problem, but alcohol seems to always make me decide that having a smoke would be a very good idea, and it also seems to make me eat mindlessly.  Oddly enough, weed doesn’t have that effect, doesn’t lower my resistence to junkfoood/smokes, so I guess that will be ok, for now.  Anything that will help calm my nerves, my hands hurt from clenching my fingers so tightly.    Also, I’m starting to drink green and black tea, because I don’t want caffeine headaches, and am not that concerned with that habit right now either.

So as to how this will impact my weight and eating?  I’m a bit worried, and will admit in the past to giving up quitting for weight reasons.  But I’m going to stick with it this time.  My whole life is changing right now, it’s just as easy to do it all at once.   Smoking can increase your metabolism as much as 10%, and it also seems to decrease appetite.  I don’t know if that’s because stuff doesn’t taste as good, or actual physiological reasons.  As I’m quitting, I’m having a hard time finding my hunger, even though I’m not eating much at all.  I think my digestive system is feeling sluggish, probably from lack of both cigs and coffee.  And this is after a four hour walk.   I don’t feel like eating, I feel like smoking a cigarette.    I’m not in the mood for dealing with food issues right now, so I’ll impose some dinner on myself.  If I can’t eat normally and intuitively, I’ll just arbitratily eat what and how much I decide is reasonable.  The hell with it.

Hope everyone’s New Year is going well.


6 Responses to “White knuckling it!”

  1. January 6, 2009 at 10:39 am

    I’ve tried several times to quit smoking but even after I get over the nicotine withdrawls I can’t get past the habit of having one in my hands. So I’ve decided not to try it again until I have my head right about this weight loss.

    When I get sleepy in the afternoons a really strong cup of black tea wakes me up.

  2. January 6, 2009 at 11:44 am

    As a former smoker I can tell you that this is very hard thing to do, BUT you can do it. There are a few things you need to do in order to substitute the whole smoking process. First, try some chewing gum and drop a new stick in your mouth when you feel you need to smoke. Second, you need to develop an exercise program where you are sweating rather than smoking and lastly, you need to fixate on the money you’ll be saving from stopping this habit. Hey, this can be done. Good Luck to you and if you need some more tips, drop me a message.

    Found your site on Johnisfit.com

  3. January 6, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Good luck with quitting smoking. I hear it is the hardest thing to do but so completely worth it as well. You will be so much healthier once you quit. You can do it!

  4. 4 myweightylossjourney
    January 7, 2009 at 4:14 am

    On Friday, I will have quit smoking for 2 years!!!! Yeah!!! I’m so excited!!! It was difficult (and I had tried so many times in the past but it only lasted a couple of months), but I’ve almost done it. It’s weird, I occasionally still get the craving, and I have dreams (nightmares) where I’m smoking, and I wake up all frazzled! Thank goodness it’s not true. You will feel like a new person once you haven’t had a ciggie for a few months.
    Good luck.
    Also found your site on Johnisfit.com

  5. January 7, 2009 at 11:36 am

    Thanks for the encouragement, and for reading my blog. I’m almost a week off the smokes today, still feeling a bit of raw nerves, and I am fighting off the flu, but I think I’ve succeeded. As someone who quit for 7 years and started again, I’ll have to remain vigilant forever. I wish I was one of those folks who can smoke one occasionally, or only when drinking, but it doesn’t seem to work so well for me

  6. January 11, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Hi julie I just found your blog through john is fit and ironically just read this post. The irony is I have just embarked on a weightloss and quitting smoking journey…. I have just reached the 1 week mark so know the exact feelings you have. Well good luck with it, I’ll be keeping an eye on you 😉

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