Stupid blog, stupider me!

I haven’t blogged recently because I’m embarassed and ashamed to have started smoking again.  I made it two weeks, I was done!  Than I had a drink too many, and went for my landlord’s ciggies, who left town and had them in plain sight where I had to go take care of his animals.  I have learned this lesson before, I can’t drink for about a month when quitting smokes.  Too dangerous.  I’m going to try again on Sunday, wish me well!

The new job is going well, I’m very happy to be employed, even if I’m a contractor with no insurance.  Scary times, y’all!  The job and commute take enough time that it’s hard to get to the gym, clean my apartment, and other such useful stuff.   I still go on the weekends, yoga Monday nights (when I’m not busy), and whenever else I can get there for a class I like.  Even if the only exercise I get is the commute, it seems to be enough not to gain weight, possibly even lose it slowly, I can’t tell with my POS scale.   My eating is stable and as healthy as I want it to be, though I still eat a few potato chips most days.  I wonder if quitting my two cups of coffee daily, with the mandatory milk and too much sugar, is balancing them out.  Potato chips-such salty, crispy, fun to eat little fat bombs.  Hopefully I’ll be sick and tired of them soon.   And bloody cigarettes, I hope I can be sick of them soon, too

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend.


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