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Holidays, finally

Not stressful for me, don’t really celebrate, but my work shuts down Thursday, doesn’t reopen until Jan 2, and I don’t have to fly anywhere.  It’s a strange time of year.  The gym is much less crowded than usual, though in two weeks, it’ll be busier.   I get that people kinda throw in the towel on any kind of dieting between T-giving and NYE, but I would think they’d still be at the gym, just to burn off all that’s eaten at parties.  Or at least, that’s my downfall.  And all the cookies, fudge, cake, etc., that’s been showing up at work.   The scale rises quickly on that sort of food for me, I finally had to lay down some restrictions, as in one desserty thing a day.  I haven’t really stuck to it, but am a bit more mindful of what I eat (only the really good stuff).  I’ll break that one in slowly, after the New Year.  Does that make it a New Year’s Resolution?  I do better when I make things goals, and move there slowly.  Also, keeping up better with cleaning my apartment, which I’ve been working on a month or two already.  And keeping aware of the news, politics, too many wars to count.

Speaking of war, my boss is from a country with a problem.  He claims he is perfectly comfortable about people not agreeing with him – though you must be nice about it.  The man who runs his original country is absolutely not okay with it, and is on a killing spree.  The town he comes from is about 4000 years old, and has seen its share of brutal dictators.  He says in ’82 or ’84 (can’t remember), 10% of the town was killed.   He often can’t reach his parents, still there.  Though I’m ignorant of most history (crappy high school) and not current on current events, this inspired me to be more aware.  Less weight loss blogs, more politics.

Interestingly enough, he has only organic dairy at his house for his kids, as all the hormones, etc.,  accumulate in the fat.   He thinks the liver can’t handle many fake sugars.   He’s somewhat vegetarian, unless he has access to halal meat, which few restaurants do, though there are plenty of markets.  My favorite market is halal, though I don’t buy the meat.  I can’t remember if he has his PhD in pharmacy (edited:  pharmacology) or chemical kinetics, but he seems quite intelligent, and isn’t prone to believing woo.    Though he’s deeply religious, he isn’t offended by my lab-mate, who worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

It would be a good thing if more people were reasonable, and weren’t threatened by those who don’t agree with them.   Some nutrition blogs are extreme and dogmatic, people are so emotionally attached to their way of eating, they can’t accept that others don’t share their opinion.  Sometimes, not even their facts.

OK, I’m really cranky and have to go clean my kitchen (see NYE resolution started some weeks back).   Hope everyone has Stressfree Holidays and Merry New Year!

Oh, and here’s some pictures.

Oakland church on my walk home, each cross with the name of someone killed by violence in town this year

In Memory of Our Troops - a memorial for those killed in Mid East. The sign says 6088, but that was months back



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